AVIC CAPDI Honored “The Best Planning Consultancy Institute for China Airports Economy”
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Recently, China Airports Economy Summit 2015 was held in Shunyi, Beijing. AVIC CAPDI was honored "The Best Planning Consultancy Institute for China Airports Economy”. During the summit, China Airports Economy Development League was set up. As one of chief sponsors of China Airports Economy Development League, AVIC CAPDI becomes one of the founding members of the League. Led by AVIC CAPDI, China aviation consultancy design enterprises are committed to providing top support for the development of China airports economy relevant industries, which will nudge China airports economy development continuously healthy.

Founded in 1951, AVIC CAPDI is one of the top A&E companies in China excellent service provider for full-spectrum service in construction engineering. AVIC CAPDI offers a full service solution from top-level consulting to engineering design, from general contracting to engineering evaluation for global clients in diverse industries worldwide, including defense & military, non-military in aviation, civil aviation & general aviation, civil building, civil industry, energy & environmental, infrastructure. AVIC CAPDI can also combine these services with its financing operations capabilities to provide complete project solutions.

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