The construction yard has been awarded a project of Nepals Kathmandu duba middle school
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The construction yard has been awarded a project of Nepal's Kathmandu duba middle school

On June 2, building the winning duba middle school aid Katmandu, Nepal project, this project covers design project management, is a foreign aid project in our country, by the ministry of commerce international economic cooperation affairs management. The aim of this project is to create a good foundation for the company to expits market expits international business. The completion of the project will be a symbol of china-nepal friendly relations the spirit of the great power of China's international assistance.

Located at the center of Kathmandu, the project is the oldest school in Nepal. In 2015, it experienced a magnitude 8.1 earthquake, the school building was damaged in the earthquake, the construction of this construction belongs to the post-earthquake demolition reconstruction work, in the local public the Chinese foreign media attention is extremely high.

The civil aviation department of sichuan airlines Harbin project

On June 7, the civil aviation institute welcomed the news again, successfully winning the bid "sichuan airlines Harbin operational base hangar" project (hereinafter referred to as "sichuan airlines Harbin"), the total construction area is about 12,000 square meters.

ChuanHang Harbin base is located in Harbin taiping international airport, the main undertake ChuanHang Harbin taiping international airport flight routes of maintenance repair (grade A) replace the engine troubleshooting tasks. ChuanHang Harbin running libraries construction will effectively ease ChuanHang Harbin route the pressures of A maintenance task, to ChuanHang route layout in Harbin region to provide strong support, to achieve the good of the ChuanHang in Harbin region to provide effective protection.

Won the bid of this project is the civil aviation college sichuan airlines under the optimal allocation of resources of the company to work together, for our good cooperation with the sichuan airlines to lay a solid foundation, further consolidate the design in each big airline in our market.

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