Qingdao new airport catering area engineering design project
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Recently, the company's civil aviation industry has been reported to the new airport catering area engineering (phase I) design project of Qingdao Oriental aviation food co., LTD.

China Eastern Qingdao catering area project is located in Qingdao new airport. The first phase of the project covers an area of about 65 mu, with a total construction area of 40080 square meters. This project not only undertakes the aviation food delivery of China Eastern airlines other airlines flights in Qingdao new airport, but also makes the production of ground pastry, halogen fresh food. This project further expanded my company in Qingdao jiaodong international airlines base plate, the scope of business has become the after China Eastern airlines wuhan, chongqing, mf, eastern Beijing food catering sector is an important achievement, for my company in the civil aviation much starker choices-graver consequences-in big development has laid a good foundation.

This project is combined with its technical difficulties focus on civil aviation school, aircraft courtyard, four homes such as dynamic school, medical school achievements of superior resources, consulting design project for the company to carry out the model provides a new train of thought.

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